Tuesday, March 16, 2010

About those diapers...

So the reason that I have been having dreams about diapers is because I have been contemplating switching from disposables to cloth. When I was pregnant with our son, I researched everything that had anything to do with a baby... or so I thought. So why... oh why... did I never even think of cloth diapers? They are more economical and more environmentally friendly... but most important, they are probably more comfortable for out Little C than disposables.

So, I start looking into it and it seems as though the options are endless. If I have ever felt information overload... this is it! Anyways, after much comparison and deliberation (and dreams), I have decided on prefolds with one-size covers... and maybe a few AIO (all-in-ones for those of you that are new to this like I am). I don't really care for the pocket style because it seems too complicated, not to mention messy. I like that with the prefolds and covers, the prefolds are cheap and the covers aren't too bad either, plus the covers can be used more than once without washing, so that saves money because you don't need too many. And AIO's seem kind-of expensive and you need more because the whole thing must be washed after each use... so, there's my view on cloth in a nutshell.

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