Monday, March 15, 2010

An introduction to myself…

I’ll start with the basics… I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. I have known my amazing husband for about 7 years and we have been married for almost 3 years. Our pride and joy, besides a happy marriage, is our truly magnificent son, who will be 1 year old 1 week from today!

Why is this blog named “Mommy’s Diaper Dreams and More”? Quite honestly, because I often have very vivid dreams and lately there have been a lot of them about diapers… disposables, cloth, diaper sales, coupons, samples, sizes… you name it and I have dreamt it. The other morning my husband asked me if I had a dream about diapers the previous night. “Yes I did… why are you asking?” and he says it is because he woke from his sleep to hear me say “diapers”. So, what’s wrong with that??? I have really been contemplating the cloth vs. disposable argument lately… so it’s only natural (AND NORMAL!) that I dream about it too, right? Honestly, we have only been diapering our son with disposables and lucky for him and us, he has never had any sensitivity to any diapers or wipes; and believe me, we have tried many different ones. However, to save money and because they are just so darn cute… I really have started looking into cloth diapering.

So, here it is… a blog about my diaper dreams, but mainly a blog about my life as a working mommy, a wife, a daughter, sister, aunt and friend… my thoughts and experiences shared with other people that might have something in common with me.

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Stephanie said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! We've debated cloth versus disposable too. Right now, we use disposables, but...we do own 2 cloth diapers. It's a start, right? :)