Friday, March 19, 2010

Product Review – Baby K’tan Carrier

Before our son was born, my sister gave me her baby carrier (that I don’t believe she ever used)… one of those inexpensive pre-formed carriers that only allows you to carry your baby in front in 2 positions, facing you or facing the world, and also doesn’t look incredibly comfy for the baby. But, being the money conscious person that I am… I was content with keeping the one from my sister.

For some reason, I kept finding myself “dreaming” of the perfect baby carrier. One in which I could nurse my son in, let him sleep in, let him explore the world in… basically one that was versatile enough to let me carry my baby in numerous positions – oh and one that wasn’t OFF THE CHARTS expensive! I researched and researched and researched… I read about wraps - which are so versatile but albeit a little (okay A LOT) confusing, all those yards of fabric to wrap and wrap, no thanks. Not that I have tried one myself… I was too scared to spend the money on one figuring I would end up not liking it.

Then somehow, in a wonderfully magical moment, I stumbled across the Baby K’tan Carrier! The Baby K’tan is the best of both worlds; it is a cross between a sling and a ‘structured’ front carrier; it offers the positions and benefits of both and more! It is basically 2 loops of fabric that, in my opinion, mimic a wrap – but without the confusion. There is also a sash for added support, which is necessary in some of the positions. You can buy it from their site starting around $60. I just know you will love it! It is the only way to “hold” my son without him squirming to get down. He hates being confined in all ways except in the K’tan… and not only have I used it to carry him, but I have also used it to carry our 3 year old niece. It is very easy to use, looks great and works great!

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