Monday, April 5, 2010

If only...

If only adults could act like children… in some situations. When you see your spouse after a day at work, do you get super excited and jump up and down and go running to see him? Well, actually, sometimes I do… but not every day. It happens maybe once every 2 weeks or so. Yet, EVERY SINGLE DAY that I get home from work our son comes running to the door to greet me, he claps his hands and bounces up and down and I am sure if he knew how to jump, he would, but he only just turned one. Then when I pick him up he puts his arms around my neck and squeezes, giving me a hug that lasts a good long 30 seconds (that’s long for a 1 year old!). How truly loved (and missed) I feel when he greets me, how awesome a feeling to know I am so deeply loved. An amazing thing about a one year old… he shows his true emotions no matter what. It doesn’t matter what’s proper or who’s watching, he is just so open with his heart. When I ask him before bed if he wants to nurse, he laughs and smiles and waves him arms frantically while shaking his head ‘yes’ and handing me the burp cloth. When we ask him if he wants to go visit family, or go ride his bike, or eat a snack he also gets so excited. It is these small moments that make life worth living, these moments that we will remember forever.

At what age does it become inappropriate to act like this? Why isn’t is ‘proper’ for an adult to jump up and down when they see someone they love, that they have been missing for the past hour, day or week?

I hope that at least a part of him keeps this enthusiastic, jubilant exuberance. I hope that he always feels free to express his happiness and joy. I will try to set a good example for him… I will try to be more free, less worried about being ‘appropriate’. When I get home today, I will run to him and my husband and jump up and down, and tell them that I am so happy to be home with them for the evening. I will be excited and I will show my excitement!

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