Monday, June 28, 2010

My Dreamy Mondays

Last night was filled with Cloth Diaper dreams, most likely because this weekend was my first weekend cloth diapering! I had dreams about my little guy sleeping overnight in a cloth diaper (which I didn’t try yet… more on that below) and dreams about how soft and cute the cloth diapers are. There wasn’t any story line to any of my dreams… it was more just a parade of cloth diaper visions.

So… how did our first weekend go??? Pretty good I think.

I was so excited to get home on Friday because I knew my delivery of Kawaii Baby diapers would be awaiting my arrival. I did, after all, stalk the UPS tracking website all day until I saw that the shipment had been delivered. I got home with C and we ran to the front door to get our package, but I decided since K would of course want to be there when I opened the package, I would wait for him to get home. Luckily I had plenty to keep me busy until he got there. Once he walked in the door, we were all sitting at the kitchen table looking through all my new diapers.

Unfortunately we had a graduation party to get to so I didn’t have time to wash the diapers and then we didn’t get back home until super late, so I wouldn’t be able to wash everything until Saturday morning, and then we were out for a good part of the day, so no cloth diapers until I could get everything ready.

So, come early Saturday evening, C needed a diaper change and my cloth diapers were all prepped, washed and ready! I chose the Knickernappies diaper to start with, for no reason at all. Overall things went well; no leaks and he even had a #2 in that diaper. Now, it wasn’t super solid so I did have to do the swish-in-toilet method (don’t let my hubby find out) but all-in-all, it wasn’t bad at all. Unfortunately, with that less than solid #2 also appeared a very red diaper rash… just like that our of the blue – no warnings or mild rash – so for bed I put him in a disposable so I could lather on the cream and by morning his rash was gone and we started the day with a Kawaii Baby pocket. All in all, things went very well.


fluttermama said...

Those diaper look so cute I cant wait to get sme of my own

Stuff Parents Need said...

I really want to hear what you think about Kawaii tell! (unless you've already posted about it...I am seriously behind in my Google Reader!).