Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thankful Thursdays – Parents That Want to be Parents

I am so thankful for all the parents out there that actually want to be parents and that act like parents. I am thankful that my parents are such great role models and that my husband and I agree on what it means to be good parents.

The other day we were at a funeral and talking to the mother of a 12 month old. Little C had shoes on and the mother commented to her son “that baby wears shoes, why won’t you”. Then she went on to tell us that her son is a “hillbilly baby” because he refuses to wear shoes and socks. She said that “it’s not worth the fight” to get him to wear shoes, nor does she have the time to fight about it. Then she told us that “it’s not worth the fight to get him dressed” most mornings and as long as he has a diaper on that is good enough for her. I was quite disappointed to hear this. Not worth the fight??? he is only 12 months old! How can it be a fight?

Sure, I can understand a kid his age can take his own shoes off, this is why we don’t even put Little C in his carseat with shoes on – because they are then a toy that he tries to take off or eat or whatever, but before we get out of the car we put them on and he is just fine with them. If for some reason he were to be completely distracted in trying to get them off, then we would just have to tell him no and redistrict him with something else.

You don’t make your kid wear clothes because it’s not worth the fight??? Believe me, C can be squirmy. He hates being still for even one moment, but yet we still manage to dress him everyday! And C is strong… and he has been walking since he was 9 ½ months old and running for almost as long – he can move! This little boy can’t even walk yet and although it may not be the easiest of tasks are you telling me you just give up (and give in)??? Now maybe I could understand if you used cloth diapers… cause they are so darn cute with their fluffy bums… but you use disposables, so no excuse there. If your child fusses a bit or screams or cries and you give in every time you will be teaching them that they can always get what they want… you will be teaching them to be a spoiled brat! I wanted to tell them all of this, but I bit my tongue – which is not an easy task for me.

What else do they give in on because they don’t feel like being parents? When we found out we were pregnant, we were asked not to talk about it in front of this woman – because she wanted to get pregnant and hadn’t been able to yet (in the whole 3 months that she had been married for) – so she didn’t want anyone else to get pregnant either. 3 months later she got pregnant and every time we saw her it was all complaints. She was so tired, so sore, so sick, she couldn’t wait to get this baby out of her… we heard these complaints from day 1… so many complaints from someone that wanted so badly to be pregnant! Then the little guy was born and now she is constantly complaining about being tired and not having time and not getting sleep and him not listening and on and on and on. Why, oh why did you decide to have a baby if you didn’t want to be a parent?!?!

She wouldn’t breastfeed him, which is her choice (even though I think every mother should try… it is so good for everyone!), but the reason why just boggled my mind… she didn’t want her sleep to be interrupted!!!! Are you serious?!?! So, she slept through the night and stayed home with the baby during the day and her husband was up with the baby all night and then working all day. He couldn’t nap when the baby napped, she could, but she wouldn’t help out at night. Again I think… Why, oh why did you decide to have a baby if you didn’t want to be a parent?!?!

Okay, I know that sounded more like a complain-fest… but it truly makes me so thankful for my parents and the parents that my husband and I try to be… and to all those other parents out there that want to be parents and want to be good parents. Thank you for helping to raise our children to be good people!

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Truthful Mommy said...

I completely agree. Some people have kids as accessories because all of their friends are doing it. It is ridiculous, This woman saying its not worth the fight. I just want to punch her in the face. I knew a woman who would let her little boys hair grow out like a girls and not brush it so it was constantly in knots..because he didn't let her and "it wasn't worth the fight". My question is...if not for your kids well being then what exactly in this world is worth the fight? Anyways, thanks for following. I am certainly following back. Happy Mothering!