Friday, June 18, 2010

Things to do…Help from

With my time as a working mommy coming to an end (we hope), we have been trying to finish some projects up while we still have 2 incomes.

One of the main things we’d like to do is get our office up-to-par. Currently, we have a plain room that contains 1 older desk - that actually belongs to my sister - and then some just that we didn’t feel like putting anywhere else… it looks more like a junk room than an office. In my brainstorming for ideas, I have been browsing the Office Furniture at There is a lot to choose from here. I am sure my husband would prefer to be browsing the Samsung section at Overstock... but that is not a top priority as far as I’m concerned. And our son, well, he would prefer the Vacuum section at Overstock. I know that probably looks like I must have typed something wrong… what on earth would a 15 month old want with the vacuum section? Well, it all started when my parents gave us our niece's play vacuum for Little C… I think they started an obsession! He loves vacuums – now if only his toy one would really work - then we would have less chores for mommy and daddy! Anyway, all day long he constantly is going over to the coat closet (where we keep our vacuums) and stands there pointing to the door and babbling about the vacuum – he just loves them, on or off, working or broken, makes no difference to him... he loves vacuums.

Anyway, back on track here… the other room we need something for is the living room. Right now it is simply C’s playroom, but there is no where in there to even sit and relax for a minute – except the floor… so I also am browsing the Home Furniture section at  There is a lot to choose from, some great modern pieces and also some more traditional pieces, and everything in between... now we just have to decide what we want for that room.

There is a lot to choose from at, which is great, because we have a lot to do… although realistically I don’t really care too much if it all gets done or not, I just want to be home with my baby… erggg… toddler!

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