Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things are so BUSY!!!

Christmas cookies, present wrapping, holiday hussle and bussle... etc.  I am usually so on top of things but this year I am a little behind (as you can tell with my lack of blogging too).  Granted, most of the cookies are done and most of the presents are wrapped... and they have all been bought for a while, but usually I am all done with the gift buying and wrapping by Thanksgiving... not this year though.  And to add to it, C has been sick with cold after cold... which has been okay since he still acts like he feels okay, but it doens't keep me from feeling so bad for him.  And now, he has a bad cough and bad cold.  My little 1 hour napper has been sleeping for over 2 hours already... that's great for him, but I just feel so bad.  I feel guily because I stopped nursing him about 2 months ago and since then he seems like he has had so many colds... I know he can't nurse forever... but I just want him to feel good.  I just keep telling myself that all these colds are just helping build up his immunities, right?  Here's wishing my little guy gets better soon! 

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