Saturday, January 8, 2011

Potty Training - Day 5

Since C had no accidents on Thrusday, we went up to the 45 minute timer on Friday.  And we were out of the house most of the day... and no accidents!  There were even some 1 hour time frames and he did great.  He did have 3 poop accidents later Friday afternoon.  See, he understands that he shouldn't have accidents and I know he doesn't want accidents, he's so smart.  Anyway, he holds his poop as long as possible because he doesn't want accidents.  He usually goes every single day if not 2x a day... and since he had his first accident he has been holding it and only going every other day.  The thing is, he tries to poop on the potty but he is so used to going standing up, it's like he can't go while sitting.  I'm sure he'll figure it out :)

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