Wednesday, February 16, 2011


1. C is now in a big boy bed... or at least a matress on the floor and not the crib.  He loves it.  He was climbing out of his crib and we didn't want him to feel like he was trapped, so we moved it and put a matress on the floor.  We tried the crib mattress, but he was constantly rolling off of it.  So, we used K's queen mattress that he had before we got married and C LOVES it!
2. The past month or so C is super clingy to me.  I can't even leave the room for 10 seconds to let our dog out.  The second I turn to walk away he says "Where you going Mom?" and he wants to come with me.  If I say "no, I'll be right back" he starts to scream.  Even when K is home... C still needs wants his mommy ALL THE TIME.  I now started telling him to count until I get back to make a game out of it... and it seems to work a little bit.  When I do come back... 5 seconds later... I ask him how high he got and he counts all over again and laughs.  So I guess we're making progress.
3. My waistline... no, actually its not :( but I wish it was.  I am over 21 weeks pregnant and still fit is all my regular clothes, even my jeans.  No one can tell at all that I am pregnant.  I know I should be happy about that, most women would be, right?  But I LOVE being pregnant.  I want to wear my maternity clothes, I want everyone that sees me to know that I am pregnant.  Anyway, we are going to Florida to visit K's parents in a few weeks and I was so hoping to wear my new summer maternity clothes... but all my regular summer clothes fit just fine, in fact, they are even a little loose.  I try on my maternity clothes and I just look stupid in them :(

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Nanny Anna said...

What a clever mommy you are having him count...takes the focus off of his fear of you not being there a few seconds.

I am sorry your baby belly is not showing off. I have a baby belly pillow we alloe our customers to use to try on maternity can borrow it for the trip to hubbys