Friday, January 6, 2012

Do you think they look alike?

Yes, they are 2 years apart and different genders... but sometimes they look so similar... here they are, our Little C and Little M, side by side...
They started off seeming so very different, although both very good babies, but now we are seeing similarities of sorts.  Basically, M is starting to do very many things like C, only more intensely!  I should have known... He moved, kicked and punched non-stop when I was pregnant with him.  I couldn't believe how he never stopped moving... then I got pregnant with her and really couldn't believe that she moved even more... although bigger movements, like summersaults.  So, we really shouldn't be surprised that she seems to jump even more than he did at this age in the jump-a-roo.  And I was worried she wouldn't eat well, since they were opposites in so many ways... but nope, just like her brother she eats wonderfully... and I think even more than he did... she always wants more table food!  They are both amazing and we are so lucky to have them.

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