Saturday, February 9, 2013

How to get your child to wear glasses

Well, this may not work for every child... but it has worked for ours so far.  Little C is obsessed with Super Heroes.  He loves Superman, Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, Firestar?, Iceman?... and who knows who else.  Well, isn't it our luck that Clark Kent wears glasses as a "disguise" when he doesn't want people to know he is Superman :)  Little C is SuperC, in fact, we can't even tell people his name without putting "Super" before it else he corrects us.  In fact, he wouldn't even take off his SuperC pajamas on Christmas day because he wanted everyone to see him in them.
(kids with my parents - fyi... I normally do dress our children very nice for the holidays even though all we really do is hang out at out parents' houses... but he was so darn cute in his SuperC pj's that I just simply didn't care if he wore his dressy clothes that day... Cookie M still wore her Christmas outfit)

So, we told him that since he is just like Superman, he should have the same disguise .. and that the glasses are really super X-ray Vision Glasses that will help him see things even better than he already can.  Yep, he wore them for over 2 hours straight after we picked them up and even told me "Mom... you have to try these glasses on... this is awesome, it makes everything so much better to see".  Now, the doctor said he doesn't have to wear them all the time, but should definitely wear them if he's just woken up, is tired, or is doing an activity up close (like reading, arts/crafts, ipad, etc).  We really want him to get used to them so unless we are running around playing I think we'll keep them on if he's okay with them, and so far he is.

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