Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super X-Ray Vision

So Little C got glasses on Saturday.  I had noticed him rubbing his eyes a lot when he was tired and just felt like it was something we needed to get checked out.  He had an appointment on Tuesday, but I didn't dare pick out frames without Daddy there... see K is the particular one, he likes his, mine and the kids hair done a certain way, clothes that are "stylish", just overall very particular about things and I knew that he would have a say about the frames... so we waited until Saturday so Daddy could come with us.  I am way more laid back and just don't really care about that type of stuff.  Of course I want myself, K and the kids to look nice, but I'm just not so concerned with being "in style".  Anyway... I was right... very particular, I'm so glad I didn't order a pair on Tuesday.  We walked into Sears where Little C got his exam and prescription and C went right to show Daddy a pair I had him try on... they had bright orange temples (orange is C's favorite color and always has been) and full square frames that were more of a subdued brown/copper color.  I thought they were adorable on Little C.  Well, Daddy liked the ones that only had a half frame... and wanted something that would "match" more things.  Also, Sears Optical would take 10 days to get the glasses in... so we headed to LensCrafters for their 1-hour service.  We (Daddy) decided on a nice dark blue pair of RayBans with half frames that of course still look adorable on Little C.  Picture will be here on WW!

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