Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He's not too old... yet.

We are very lucky to have such a good little boy... he is very independent and so happy, he eats well and is a great sleeper overnight, but he is a very short napper - there is too much going on in the day for him to miss out by napping!

Our little guy does not like to sleep in our arms, he will try to wriggle his way free until we lay him in his crib, then he ever so peacefully rolls to his stomach and drifts off to sleep. I love that he is able to easily put himself to sleep and that he doesn't need to be rocked or held... but sometimes, just sometimes, it makes me sad. Sometimes I just want to cuddle him in my arms while he sleeps. Cuddle time does not happen often anymore (except for our 2 nursing sessions each day). Our C is a walker and runner and rarely allows himself to be held, let alone cuddled.

But since someone got some shots Monday evening, he has been just a little less active and a little less peaceful at night. He was up around midnight and didn't want to sleep in his crib, he just wanted to sleep while being cuddled in our arms - for an hour before sleeping on his own in his crib again. And again this morning, he woke up earlier than usual and would not go back to sleep in his crib, only in my arms.

Sure, it wasn't super fun being woken up in the middle of the night or too early this morning, but it was OH-SO-WORTH-IT! As I held him in my arms I remembered back to the days when he was just a baby and would fall asleep after nursing and we would just cuddle together and drift off to sleep, him in my arms, against my chest. Those days are wonderful, amazing memories now, days that I will never get back with him, but I am so grateful that we had them. Children grow up so fast and I always try to remember that. When I am so tired at 5 am and C just wants to cuddle (although it doesn't happen too often), I will not be worried about missing sleep, I will just be grateful for the extra moments I get with him... for I know one day he will be too old for being rocked to sleep, too old for sleeping in my arms, too old for cuddling with his mommy.

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