Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Our Little C had his one-year checkup last night and everything went great. He is meeting (and even exceeding) what he should be doing for his age. Unfortunately, he did have to get 2 shots :( I hate the idea of it. What must he be thinking? All of a sudden he is happy in his mommy's arms, playing with his toy and making everyone laugh - and then all of a sudden he gets a shooting pain in his leg... then another one 2 seconds later. What did he do to deserve this??? I am so sorry our Little C, but these ouchies are really to protect you... I'm sorry you don't understand. However, he did his best to try to be strong. He screamed for a few moments (after he stopped holding his breath) and tried so hard to calm down and allow himself to be distracted, but it took a few moments. However, he didn't hold it against the nurse - he went right into her arms (to try to grab her bright pink rimmed glasses) when she put them out for him. All in all, he was a wonderful patient and he is always the most wonderful little boy!

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