Monday, April 12, 2010

My Dreamy Mondays

I have had a couple of dreams the past few nights… dreams about diapers of course! This dream happened to be about the Kissaluvs diapers. Why? I don’t know, maybe just because I love the name. There wasn’t much to this dream. I simply was searching on-line to buy these diapers and then also telling people about them. Once I woke up I started thinking…

I wonder why no stores around me sell cloth diapers (at least no stores that I know of). And I don’t mean the Gerber cloth diapers; I mean the adorable and full of variety cloth diapers you can find online. It seems as though there are so many people out there thinking of using cloth diapers but to rely simply on someone doing a search online for them doesn’t make a lot of sense. There are Babies-R-Us stores everywhere… and all they sell are G-diapers – which are a cross between disposable and cloth, because it has a flushable insert with a re-useable cover – and it seems kind-of annoying to me that I would have to tear apart the “flushable liner”… but I must admit they are super cute. I wonder if they would work with prefolds instead of their flushable liners? oh well, one of these days (hopefully very soon) I will try out my first cloth diaper!!!

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