Friday, April 23, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

I am SO THANKFUL for our son C. I was thrilled when we found out we were pregnant and I enjoyed every moment of the pregnancy (yes, its true, even the nauseous and crampy ones). We loved the little baby growing inside of me before he was even conceived and our love for him grew more than we ever imagined it could in the moments when we first saw his little heart fluttering, heard his heart beat, felt his first kick and his first summersault, and finally when we met him face to face. His amazingly perfect little face, his gorgeous blue eyes looking into ours, his precious little hands holding our fingers, he was our son and the love we had for him grew even more. Our love for him knows no bounds and is purely unconditional. We knew all this the moment he was born, and even before then; we knew this before we knew what kind of child he would be. He could be a fussy baby, or a calm baby, he could be funny or sweet or shy or so many other things, but it didn’t matter; it wouldn’t change our love for him.
Well, we really lucked out, because our Little C is really the best baby. He never was fussy and as soon as he learned to smile, he never stopped. Even at just a few months old, we knew he would be funny, he would always chime in if he heard someone laughing and he’s always trying to make us laugh. He is just over a year old and he is still full of smiles and jokes. He is a happy, peaceful and most importantly, healthy child. We are incredibly lucky to have him in our lives. Little C, we are SOOO THANKFUL for YOU!

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