Monday, June 7, 2010

My Dreamy Mondays

I actually haven't had very many vivid dreams lately... and the dentist claims I am grinding my teeth... which he never noticed before.  Am I stressed about something, he asks.  To be honest... I'm really not.  And I thought people that remember their dremas are people that don't sleep well... but I feel like I have been sleeping really well lately.  Anyway... who knows, but all I can remember of my dreams lately is a little fraction of info that means nothing.  I should be dreaming about my first order of cloth diapers that arrived today!

I just placed my first order for some prefolds, disposable liners and cloth wipes from  They offer free shipping on all their orders... which is awesome!  I placed the order on June 2nd... just 5 days ago and they have already been delivered... that's fast enough for me.  And if you use prefolds... they have the best price I have found - and believe me, I have searched around.  And right now their Indian prefolds are 40 cents off!  I ordered 12 of them (8 premium and 4 infant - to use in addition for overnights until we have a baby #2) so I'll let you know how they work out once I get them prepped and order some covers for them.  I am looking into Kawaii Baby covers because they are so inexpensive, but I haven't decided for sure yet... but once I do I will share :)

I am getting so excited for being able to cloth diaper full time... 2 more months!!!

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