Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby in the Swing… But Not Such a Baby Anymore

A few weeks ago we were upstairs in the extra bedroom where we keep the baby gear that C doesn’t quite fit in anymore, like his bassinet, bouncy seat and baby swing. Now, the bassinet and bouncy seat are definitely too small, I’m quite sure his feet would be hanging over the end if we laid him in it. The infant swing, however, holds up to 25 pounds and our Little C is only 24 pounds… so yes, he does still fit in the swing, but since he is not one to sit still (EVER!), we have it “put away”. But since we were up there, we put him in it for a few minutes and he did lay back and rest peacefully for a few minutes… okay, a few seconds.

As I watched him swing my mind drifted back to the first day we put him in that swing. He was 2 days old and we had just gotten home from the hospital. K was so excited about putting him in his swing because it just seemed so soft and comfortable. Sure, Little C was already fast asleep, but into the swing he went and of course he loved it (well, he didn’t wake up, so that must mean he liked it, right?). Wow, he was so small in that swing and now 16 months later he looks huge in it! Without any effort at all he can grab the mobile and I’m quite sure if we let him, he could probably climb into and out of the swing all on his own. He is walking, talking (over 100 words!!!), running and even climbing! What happened to my little baby??? He has turned from an alert, adorable, and happy little baby into an ACTIVE, sweet, independent and cheerful little toddler.



The swing is the Little Lamb Cradle ‘n Swing from Fisher Price and we loved it from the moment we saw it. The feature I was hoping for in a swing was a plug - to save on batteries, which this swing doesn’t have, but we bought rechargeables and they worked great for us. The swing is easy to switch between the reclining or upright seat position and also between the front-to-back or side-to-side motion. Overall the swing worked great for us and we’ll use it for baby #2… if that’s in our future (and I sure hope it is!).


The Baby Store Plus said...

LOL, the look on his face in the 'Now' picture is so cute..."uh mom, I think I have outgrown this"

Nell said...

Wow, what a great set of then & now photos. He sure is a cutie!