Monday, July 26, 2010

My Dreamy Mondays - More free time

My dream is for some free time... not a lot, just a little to get caught up with everything. I am so sorry that it has been a week since I have posted... where has the time gone? One would think that during their last few weeks of work, you could kind-of glide out stress-less-ly... well, that is certainly not the case. I have had more work in the past 2 weeks then I have had in the past 2 months! My time at work and home has been overwhelming with all I have had to do... I feel like I am trying to shovel snow in a blizzard. Hopefully this week, for my last week of full-time work, things will start to calm down to give me a few moments to wrap stuff up. That's all I have time for now... but hope to have a review posted soon.

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Nell said...

Hoping things calm down for you soon! I know the feeling of needing some time just to catch up!