Monday, July 19, 2010

My Dreamy Mondays - Unreal... but I have a plan.

Happy Monday Everyone! We had a wonderful weekend celebrating K's birthday and spending time together - which is always wonderful.

UNREAL: It kind-of hit me last night as we were getting ready for the work week ahead that this coming Sunday will be the last Sunday (at least for a while) that I will have to go to work the next day! It is completely unreal to me and so hard to believe. It really is "my dream come true"... and I can't hardly believe it is happening.

PLAN: I am so excited for me days with C. I am already planning out in my head what activities we will start and what I want to teach him. He is already picking up at least 1 new word a day... if not even more than that! I want to continue on that path and start teaching him letters and numbers too.

I want to get better about meal planning. I love to cook and bake but it seems as though we never have the time to plan ahead (or we just don't think about it) - so the dreaded question that my husband and I ask almost every night is... "what on earth can we make quickly for dinner besides a frosen pizza?" I want to be well prepared for meals and also try to provide healthy meal options.

I plan on keeping up with the housework a little better - belive me, our house is not a filth pit, but it could use some dusting and straightening up. I need a schedule... Monday Laundry, Tuesday Bathrooms, Wednesday Kitchen, Thursday - Vaccuum... oh wait... EVERYDAY - Vaccuum... we have a lab... which brings me to...

Another 'plan' - our dog... an 80-pound, almost 3-year old yellow lab that is full of energy! Granted, he really is a pretty good dog and he is wonderful with C, but he could use some 'touching up' with his listening. He listens great, when he wants to... so Mommy, C and Rocco will work on that :)

C's scrapbook. Yes, I finally got our wedding scrapbook done a few weeks before C was born (almost 2 years after our wedding!) and in the time I was home on maternity leave I got his scrapbook done up through the day he came home from the hospital. I know that doens't seem like much, but it included the whole pregnancy too. Somehow I have to find a few minutes here and there to work on his scrapbook so his first year (which will be the most detailed due to all the big moments) will be done before I have to do it all over again for his sibling.

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed just thinking about it all... and then I remind myself that right now I am working full-time and somehow we are managing it all just fine. I guess part of me is worried that I won't succeed. I have always taken care of children and I know I can do that... but add in everything else??? Some moms I know tell me that I won't have any extra time... I should stay working... I only think things will be easier... could they be right? I really, truly, honestly don't think so... but I've never been this before... I've never been 'only' a mommy and housewife. I know I will be so much more than that... but you know what I mean :)


Momma Such said...

You will do just fine! I think you have a great plan in store. :)

Brynn said...

I would love to be a SAHM!! Enjoy it, you're lucky. :-)

Nell said...

Our scrapbooks always take us FOREVER to complete! So I understand! Congrats on getting it done!