Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brookstone... My Hubby LOVES this place!

If you're a man or have a man in your life, you have probably spent some time at Brookstone... okay, even without the man you've probably been there.  My hubby K loves that store... and I do too, I just wish we had more money to buy more of their stuff.

One of my favorite products of is Zero-Gravity Lounge Chair.  They are so comfortable and relaxing to sit in, you really do feel like you're lying in a cloud.  I just asked K what he would say if he was telling someone about the chairs and he said "They are so comfortable, I'd love to have one".  It's true, we love the chairs but we don't own any, they just haven't been on the top of our list for something to splurge on.  One of his good friend's parents has them and we die to sit in them when we're over there.  Hmm, now that I'm thinking about it... that's a good Christmas gift idea for him.  I love getting Christmas shopping out of the way early, and by that I mean that I usually have all my shopping done by Halloween, and most of K's too... if he cooperates with me :)  Anyway, if I order right now they are on-sale and if I buy 2 I can save an extra $50 on top of the sale price.  Then the discount code that Brookstone is offering my readers (I read my own stuff too, so I count, right?), that's a great deal!  Yeah, one Christmas gift will be done soon!

One of their products that we do have is the n•a•p® Travel U-Pillow, we each got one before our honeymoon so we could use it on the plane and also in various car rides that we knew we would take in our life.  Now, I can sleep on a rock and be just fine, but K has a hard time falling asleep and also staying asleep - so comfort is a key component.  This travel pillow helped him a lot on the long red-eye flight, so he could sleep too, instead of just watching me sleep while wishing he was too :)

Do you need any gifts for him or gifts for dad?  If you do, I really suggest you check out Brookstone.  And if there is a store in your mall, check it out, it is so fun too look in person at all the stuff they have.

The coupon code they are offering my readers is: 22SAVE for $10 off any online purchase or $70 or more.  Happy Shopping!

~C's Mommy

*I was not compensated for this review. The opinions expressed here are honest and entirely my own.

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