Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Dreamy Mondays... errr.... Tuesdays

How is it that being home full-time I still barely have time to get anything done?  The housework is actually not a problem because C loves to help with laundry and vacuuming... in fact, the vacuum is one of his favorite items.  But it seems that I have no time to get on the computer to check emails, research, make posts (as you know - sorry), enter giveaways, or anything else.  When I do have time for the computer, it is to log into my work computer and get actual work done.  A friend of mine was telling me about a schedule she wrote up for her and her kids to balance their activities during the day, so that she gets in music time, alphabet activities, crafts, etc.  I was thinking I need something similar because sometimes the day goes by so fast and I realize after C's asleep that we didn't do flashcards, or we didn't build, etc., so I asked her to send it to me.  As I'm looking at it, I'm thinking... wow, and I thought I was organized and liked to plan.  Then I tell K about it and he says... is she a super-mom?  So, I took her schedule and changed it a little bit to fit for C and I... and yet I am still wondering a little if I'll be able to keep up with it all.  Although it's not like I'm going to set a timer and be a drill sergeant, it's just a good guideline for the day.

Some of the things I've needed to research that I finally found the time to do:
     -Washing Cloth Diapers in a front-load HE machine.  I love cloth diapering C, every time I pick up a diaper I think, "cool, this is so soft, it must be so comfy for him".  Yet, after the first couple times of washing them... I started feeling like they didn't smell completely clean.  They didn't smell bad, just not totally fresh... maybe a little musty smelling.  So, I finally was able to look that up and I think we found a solution that works... we'll see.
     -Next, I wanted to look up a potty seat for C.  We currently have this one for his bathroom:
But I wanted one that was more like an all-in-one for our main floor half-bathroom.  All I could find were ones for round toilets and ours are all elongated.  Then, I finally found this one:
     -The other thing I really wanted to find was a cute t-shirt for C to wear to announce him becoming a big brother... if we get pregnant again.  There are lots of sites out there, but my personal favorite design was this one at Cookie Baby Inc.:
Now, will we really order it?  I don't know.  I'd like to but we're not pregnant yet and I don't want to jinx us.  But if I wait until we're pregnant... we won't be able to use it as the way we let our family know... because we could never wait that long (the whole week for it to ship) to tell them.  So, we'll see, but at least I found a design we really like.

Whew... I feel so much better now getting this post written and this stuff researched and the schedule done.  I still need to look up AT&T U-Verse which just became available to our area, because K has been wanting it forever so we might switch.  Also, I need to look up diaper sprayers - I am not one for the dunk and swish method.  It's okay temporarily, but I'd like a sprayer.  Any suggestions on a good brand that isn't too expensive?

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