Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What happened to our sleep schedule?!?

So Little C has always been a pretty great sleeper for the most part.  However, we did notice that whenever there was a major change in his schedule (like me going back to work after maternity leave, or his daddy watching him when he lost his job, etc), he would start waking up at night.  Well, the last few weeks he has been up every night, and the second we come into the room, he lays back down, but he won't go back to sleep unless his mommy or daddy is sitting next to the crib.  Yes, he tells us... "Mommy, down, hand", he wants his mommy to sit down and hold his hand.  I'm not sure what to do... I guess he just doesn't want to be alone, but he has to learn... but at the same time, I don't like the cry it out method.  Any suggestions?

I thought that if I just sat there he would get over needing us there on his own, but we are going on 3 weeks now... and it's not just at night.  He won't go down for his nap during the day unless I am there next to his crib.  All in all, it only take 15 minutes tops, although sometimes less, but still, he used to go to sleep so well all on his own, and he used to not wake up.  He isn't teething right now, I think it is just him wanting to be close to us.

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