Monday, September 27, 2010

Potty Training... Day 1... Do Over

Okay, so I did start potty training on Thursday, but that wasn't a smart idea because we had a super busy Friday planned and then the weekend.  So, we're starting today again.  We did end up getting C a little potty, which works out great because we can keep it in the living room and then he can play and doesn't have to leave the room and all his toys to go potty.  So far today we have sat on the potty 4 times and did #1 2 of those times!  Yeah C!  He also sat on it to go #2, but he didn't want me to take off his pants, so that's okay... he's getting the idea!

Here is the potty we got and we all love it!


Dee said...

YAY!! Good luck!

katychick said...

GOOD LUCK- i just got my son potty trained- he is 23 months old and we put him in pull ups one week and then on the weekend- i went straight for the underwears- that he picked out and loved- he had some accidents but it was so worth it-