Thursday, September 30, 2010

Potty Training Update

Overall, Monday went pretty well with the potty.  Although C didn't do #2 on the potty without his diaper on, he did tell me he had to go and then went and sat on the potty (fully dressed) and went in his diaper.  Hey, at least he's getting the idea somewhat, right?  Anyway, he also went #1 4 times total on Monday.

Tuesday was an off day because he had his 18 month check-up in the morning (and is doing wonderful).  K took off work to come with us, so afterwords we took C to go ride a train and out for an early dinner, so we weren't home for much of the day to practice potty training.

Yesterday went pretty good too.  He told me a few times "potty", but didn't seem to want his diaper off when it was time for #2.  Oh well, we'll get there.  He did go #1 another 4 times.  Yeah!

So far I think things are going well.  I don't want to force him and I think things are going really well for his age.  I am debating about getting him pull-ups or cloth training pants.  Do you think it might be confusing for him to be told to go on the potty, but then to put a diaper back on?  I know he know what diapers are for because he tells me "diaper wet" or "new diaper"... he is so funny!

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