Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Things

Here are some random things that I am just loving about being home:
     ~ Being able to let my baby wake up when he wants to
     ~ Being able to have dinner ready when my amazing, hard-working hubby gets home (most nights)
     ~ Being able to take C to meet my dad for lunch on his birthday
     ~ Not having to wear work clothes

Amazing, Cute, Funny things C does:
     ~ He loves laughing and making people laugh
     ~ He loves feeding himself with his "poon" and fork and is really getting pretty good at it with both utensils
     ~ He is a great eater, and he loves eating lemons - yes, lemons, he eats them like they are orange slices!
     ~ When he wants a hug from both his mommy and daddy, he tells us "family hug"
     ~ He loves running in circles saying "dizzy, dizzy, dizzy"
     ~ He says over 300 words at 18 months!
     ~ He is making 2-4 word sentences all the time!
     ~ He knows at least 8 colors and a few of the shapes
     ~ He goes on the potty about 1/5 of the time and even if he's not on the potty, he tells us what he is doing
     ~ He loves to "jiggle, jiggle" his ears, just like Elmo does in one of his favorite books
     ~ He remembers everything - At night, he spends 10 minutes recalling everything about his day before he will settle down and nurse
     ~ He asks me to take pictures when he is doing something funny

I love you so much Little C!  Happy 18-Month Birthday in a few days!

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