Friday, January 14, 2011

Advice Needed From Shedding Dog Owners

We need a new vacuum.  The one we currently have isn't broken, but it also wasn't made for picking up the hair that sheds from a yellow lab.  Our dog is not allowed up to the second level of our house.  Ideally, I would love to keep our current vaccuum upstairs and get a new vaccuum (one more equipped for dog hair) for the main level.  This way I don't have to lug a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs and also the dog hair on the main level actually gets picked up!  The problem is that we have no idea which one to get... it seems like there are millions out there... and each of them seems to have great reviews as well as awful reviews.  Anyway, the only other thing is that although I am sure the Dyson is awsome, it's a bit more than we wanted to spend.  So... any recommendations/advice anyone has would really be appreciated :)  Thanks!

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Nanny Anna said...

I honestly don't think there is a vacuum out there that really picks up dog hair, including the dyson. We had a black lab along with our Boston Terrier & Schnauzer (that does not shed) and this is my advice.

Option #1: Save your money, expensive new vacuums will break because of the dog hair anyway. Buy a cheaper one and just replace it when the hair kills the motor.

Option #2: Buy a Furminator brush. They can be purchased on ebay for less then at pet stores. Then take your lab outdoors on a weekly basis and brush him/her. These brushes are amazing! They pull out hair that you didn't even know the dog had. Your dog will LOVE it, ours started waging her old tail when I picked up the brush.

Option #3: Have the dog shaved. MY SIL shaves her two dogs and has very little dog hair. We didn't opt for this method because quite frankly the dogs look like circus animals...but she did have less hair.

Option #4: Get rid of the carpets and install hard flooring like wood or tile. We did this. Much easier to sweep (or floor vac) the hair up then to try to suck it out of carpets.

Option #5: Spin your dog hair into beautiful yarn. Well, I was just kidding on this one, but I googled it and people actually do this, LOL.

Good luck with your Dog Hair Dilemma!