Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's like we got new carpet

My husband surprised me early with a birthday gift... a new vacuum.  I know... women should not get cleaning supplies for birthday gifts, but that's what I wanted.  You saw my post a few days ago looking for advice on a vacuum for dog hair because it never seemed like our vacuum picked it all up.  Well, after many, many, many hours of research my husband determined the Hoover Platinum Upright Vacuum Cleaner (UH30010CO) would be our best choice.  We ordered it online from Sears (which is over $100 less than buying it in the store!), picked it up that night (no shipping charges) and tried it out the very next morning and it was awesome.  It's really like we have new carpet!  The carpet feels clean, looks clean, smells clean and the best part is that it really did pick up a ton of pet hair.  Our rug under the kitchen table, no matter how much we vacuumed it, it still was covered in hair.  Well, with this vacuum there was not one hair left on the rug... I am so HAPPY!

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