Thursday, January 6, 2011

Potty Training - Day 2

In addition to the trainer pants, we also have Thomas the Train underpants (non-trainers). So, since C loves Thomas, I decided to put those on him on Tuesday, with a small prefold laying in them.  I told him that if he gets Thomas all wet then we'll have to throw him away :(  And guess what, no accidents all morning!  For naps I still put him in a diaper because a cloth diaper wet with pee really irritates his bottom.  For the afternoon/evening he did have 3 little accidents.  The first one was in the Thomas with prefold, so he didn't really know he had an accident.  The next 2 were in the trainers and he really didn't like them.  Pee dripping down his leg was not fun.  But hey, accidents are a good thing right now, that's how he'll learn :)

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