Friday, September 16, 2011

A night with EdenFantasys

So our son is 2.5 and our little girl is 3 months!!! Where does the time go?!? Anyway… tonight my husband and I are getting a night out. We’re going out for a nice dinner and his parents will watch C. Not sure yet if we are going to leave M or not… this mommy is still so attached to her baby. Anyway, without C in the house and with a super-good baby (knock on wood), Mommy and Daddy get to have a little time to ourselves. And thanks to EdenFantasys we have some new products to try out.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
I can’t wait to use the  Love Balm in Tropic of Love because I hate the runny, oily feeling lubes… and with all the hormones of just having a baby and breastfeeding, my body isn’t always cooperating, so a lube is sometimes necessary. But even more so than that, I am really excited to use the Don’t stop massage oil… because my absolute favorite thing in the world is a back massage. EdenFantasys always has free shipping with orders over $59 and also your choice of a free gift, in which the options change pretty often… so if one of the free gifts available today doesn’t interest you, wait a few days and check back… there will be something there you’ll want.

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