Monday, September 19, 2011

You don't FACEBOOK!?!?!

Yes, it's true... my husband and I don't facebook and we don't tweet either.  I'm not sure why... I guess because neither of us want to be spending that much more time maintaining something on the Internet.  My sister was just telling me about one of my friends that is always updating facebook with pics, videos and stories of her kids... which is great that her friends and family can see all this stuff even though they live out of state... but I think, like all technology, facebook has really taken away from the personalization of things like visits and phone calls... and even of... dare I say it... emails!!!  Yes, its true people say emails are so impersonal, but compared to reading general updates on facebook, emails seem more personal to me.  So, my friend might send me an email, in which I respond to within a day or two at the most... but then I don't hear back from her for about 3 months!  I guess if I went on facebook everyday I could keep up with her life... but is it too much to ask to write back to an email from a friend???  I sent her and her mom an email announcing the birth of our daughter... and it took weeks before I got an email back from her... and our little one is over 3 months old and I still never got an email back from her mom.  Seriously... you can go on facebook multiple times a day to make updates... but you can't send a simple "congrats" in an email?  Some things I just will never understand.  Oh well, maybe one of these days we'll give in and facebook... but I don't see it happening any time soon.

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