Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Milestone... Repeated

So Little C started preschool today... again.  He went from August through December until we relocated... and he cried every single morning that he had to go... until the final 2 classes before we moved (go figure).  To those he went happily without crying... FINALLY!  Anyway, we were hesitant about starting him in preschool once we relocated... unsure how he would adjust to the move, let alone throwing a new school at him and all.  But after 2 months of apartment living, trying to find stuff to keep our days from becoming too monotonous, cramped and crazy stuck in a small apartment, we decided it was time to try a preschool.  There aren't a lot of preschools that still had room for the remainder of the year, but we found and toured 2 near our apartment that had room.  They both seemed nice, but the one just felt right.  We started Tuesday with a field trip to the library, where Cookie M and I tagged along and Little C did great.  Today was the test though... Mommy and Cookie were dropping him off to stay without us.  He fussed for a minute and then was great.  Everyone loved him and he LOVED everyone and everything.  He told us he's excited to go back on Tuesday and he isn't going to cry... we'll see, but at least he isn't dreading it!

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