Thursday, April 4, 2013

Potty Training, Getting Rid of Paci, Flipping Car Seat... It's a BIG Week!

Okay, so we're not really doing all of these 100% cold turkey this week, but they are all on the radar.  When we went back to Ohio for Easter we brought back with us our toddler potty from Little C.  Well, Cookie M wishes she could sit on the potty all day.  I turn my back for one minute and she has her pants off and is trying to get her diaper off.  I figure... why not work on it if she wants to.  So, when she wants to try, we try. The other day she went 3 times on it.

Big Deal #2 - we are getting rid of the paci.  Little C willingly gave up his paci around 7 months.  He just stopped taking it and I thought... why are we trying to give it to him if he doesn't want it?  So, that was the end of the paci with him.  Well, Cookie M was not so easy (go figure).  She has always been more attached to it then he ever was, although she has always only been allowed to have it at naps and bedtime.  She only has 4 pacis, so its not like she has them all over the place... 1 in mom's car, 1 in dad's car, 2 in crib.  Well, the one in my car started cracking, so garbage.  Then we lost one this weekend at my parents somehow.  Down to 2.  I cut the tip slightly of both remaining 2 pacis... she didn't like that and threw one away on her own.  1 left.  We don't take it in the car anymore, which she doesn't like but deals with fairly well.  Every day I cut a little more off the tip.  There's no turning back now... hope it works out okay!

Last thing - turning the car seat forward-facing!  Both her car seats hold an infant rear-facing until they are 35 pounds.  We kept Little C rear-facing until 3 months before he turned 2.  She'll be 2 in early June... and she really wants to be forward facing.  It is getting harder and harder to put her in rear-facing, she doesn't seem as comfortable and she is almost 2.  It's a decent day today, so after Daddy gets home I'll go out and switch the car seats.  I also have to switch Little C's car seat to be connected with the seat belt instead of the LATCH anchors as him and the car seat weight combined are getting really close to the car's LATCH weight limit.

My babies are growing up!  I'm sad about it, but also so excited for the fun and adventures ahead!

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