Friday, July 25, 2014

3 years old!

Cookie M turned 3 last month... and although she acts like 13 most times, she can also be a very sweet little girl.  She basically potty trained herself back in April, it was maybe 1 week of me wondering how much I should "help" to get the right balance of taking advantage of her wanting too and not pushing too hard, but really she did it all on her own!  She also threw away her last pacifier within a week of the snipping of the tip every morning.  We warned her that it was the only one she had left and if she threw it away she wouldn't have a paci anymore, she said "I know" and tossed it in the garbage and never asked for it again!  Both kiddos also had their car seats adjusted that day back in April last year and it was great, they were so excited to both be forward facing and it just got better as now they both even climb in and strap themselves in on their own!  Where did my babies go!  I know that last week of August is going to be so hard when Little C starts kindergarten and Cookie M starts preschool... this Mommy is going to be a basket case!  But at the same time, I am so excited for M to experience preschool just like she saw her big brother do.  I know she will LOVE it as much as he did.  We really belong to an awesome and incredible preschool and I am so lucky that we found it.  So many changes to come this year... although I could have said that (and probably did) about every other year in the past... and will probably say it about every year moving forward... how amazing life is!

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