Monday, July 28, 2014

To have another baby... or not to???

Hubby and I agreed before we even got married that we would have 2 kids, ideally a boy and a girl... but if we had 2 boys or 2 girls we would try a 3rd, but that would be it.  With Little C we did not find out what we were having... and I totally recommend to any pregnant women out there to NOT find out!  It was so fun and exciting to wonder and dream and have it be an amazing surprise when that little one is born.  Hubby wanted to know but agreed to my wishes of neither of us knowing and to this day says he is so glad we didn't find out.  With Cookie M we did find out, mostly because I am such a planner and we needed to know if we needed to buy a new bedroom set (as C would be using the new set we got him) or if we could use my set from when I was a child (which has flowers all over it and could not be used for a boy).  If I had to do it all over again, I think I'd not want to find out and just use the girl set either way for a newborn... but as it was... we found out.

The minute they said "girl" in the ultrasound room I felt a mix of emotions.  Little C had said from day one that it was a baby sister and not a baby brother in my tummy, and he said that is what he wanted :)  I was so happy because I really wanted a little girl and had it been a second boy there of course was no guarantee that #3 would be a girl, so I was thrilled and relieved that I was having a girl.  But... I was a little sad too... and maybe even a little disappointed... I really wanted more than 2 kids... and now that we had a boy and a girl on the way, we were done, per our decision from years before.  Any time someone asked if we were stopping at 2 kids... I would think "how??? I want more!!!".  Our daughter was born happy and healthy, just like her brother and I didn't give baby #3 a thought, as we were very busy with a 2 year old and a newborn.

The older Little M got, the more content I felt with our family exactly the way it was.  I started feeling like things really were perfect for us the way they were.  Not that I would be disappointed or upset in any way if baby 3 happened, but we really are just so happy with the way the things are.  This feeling of being content and happy with 2 hasn't changed.  My hubby and I both feel confident in our decision to not have any more of our own children... but I will, hopefully, be pregnant again...

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