Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weight Loss Journey

I always hated that almost every woman I knew would always say "lose weight" when asked if there was anything they wanted to change about themselves... I hated that weight had such an impact on how females thought of themselves... and then it happened... someone asked me what I would change about myself if I could... and I said "lose a few pounds"!  I couldn't believe my ears... did I just say that!?!  I was never incredibly skinny, but I was happy with my "normal, average" build and weight... but apparently I wasn't anymore.

Then a few weeks later I saw a mom from preschool and she looked AMAZING!  I definitely never thought she looked bad before this, but she really did look INCREDIBLE now.  She told me she lost 20 pounds doing Weight Watchers and I immediately thought... wow, only 20 pounds, that made a huge difference!  She did it for me... because of her I decided to really try to lose some weight.  I wasn't heavy but had been feeling lately like I didn't look the way I wanted to.  Of course most people put on a little weight here and there over the years so I felt normal... but I wasn't happy with it.

Well, I looked into Weight Watchers and I am just too darn cheap to pay for that... so I did a search on the iPad for weight loss apps and found Lose It!  I installed it and signed up, for free :)  It was the last week of May and I set my current weight of 143.5 and my goal weight of 120.  23.5 pounds seemed unrealistic to me, but I was determined to try.  I started documenting everything I ate, which was actually kind-of fun as I am weird and LOVE tracking things.  I stopped nibbling on junk food and I was watching my calorie intake very closely.  I didn't feel like I had extra time to incorporate "actual" exercise, granted I played at the park, rode bikes and went on walks with the kids, but I wasn't wanting to take time away from the kids or hubby to go on speed walks or to do the elliptical, so I was focusing solely on calorie intake.

The first week I felt so hungry... it was hard to only eat about 900 calories a day!  I was eating cereal for breakfast and trying to skip lunch so that I would have enough calories for dinner, but I was starving.  I starting eating a smaller breakfast and then a fruit or veggie for lunch and then a normal dinner and that was working so much better.

Weekends were by far the hardest.  During the week, I would do housework in the kitchen while the kids were eating lunch so that I wouldn't feel like munching on their lunches, but on the weekends, hubby wanted me to "sit with them" at the table and it is really hard to sit with people that are eating and not eat too.  Once I explained this to him, it helped and yes I miss out on sitting with the family during lunch, but we always sit and have dinner together so its okay.

So, today, about 10 weeks later, I am down 21 pounds!  I can't believe it!  I feel better and I feel like I look better... but I still have 2.5 pounds to go... but I am so close and so proud of myself!  Thank you to the mom at preschool that inspired me!  You have no idea the impact you had on me!

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