Friday, August 1, 2014

Hopefully Pregnant Soon...

As I may or may not have mentioned before... I so LOVE being pregnant and want to be pregnant again!  Yes, Hubby and I are happy with our 2 wild, high-energy children and do not want anymore, but I want to be pregnant again.  I want to help a couple that cannot have a child on their own by being a surrogate and having their child for them.  Hubby and I thought about working with an agency, and I actually signed up with an agency almost a year ago, but things didn't work out as I had hoped... so here we are again starting over.

We decided it would be so much better to be able to work with a local couple through a local fertility clinic instead of having to fly for testing and transfer and worry about time off work, child care and everything else that travel involves.  And of course, because we already went through that phase before, and even though the mini-trips were fun, we know how hard it was to have to plan NYC trips and arrange for the kids to be taken care of at the drop of a hat... and we never really like leaving the kids.

So, a wonderful mom at our amazing preschool had mentioned to me a few months back that she knew an attorney who had a couple that was looking for a surrogate.  I called him and filled out a profile and a few weeks ago Hubby and I met with this lovely local couple and we decided to work together.  They were just great and we talked like we were old friends... and I truly am so happy to be able to help them have their dream come true.  The contract is in the process of being drawn up and I am hoping it will get finalized within the next week or so as I am sure they are just as anxious to get started.

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