Monday, August 4, 2014

Only a Few More Weeks of Summer...

I can't believe school is starting later this month!  This week is our last true week of a summer with all kinds of time on our hands and no real schedule that we have to stick to... so we are going to make the most of it.  We are going to spend some time at the pool, sprinkler park and huge sandbox.  We're going to go to a kiddie park with rides for both the kids and us parents, like bumper boats and race cars.  We're going to go to the zoo.  What else???  I'm not sure, definitely some trips for ice cream.  Oh... and hubby has an all day thing on Wednesday and the A&W by us is giving away free rootbeer floats from 2pm til close... so we'll be there for fun that day... especially to break up the long day without Daddy!

The next week Little C has a morning theater summer camp!  Then the next week is find your classroom and meet the teacher stuff.  Then the next week Kindergarten starts!!!!  Crazy!  Hopefully I will be somewhat on time on posting pictures of the first day of school for C and then first day for M the next week!

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