Monday, August 11, 2014

It was a Great Week!

We started off with surprising our C and M by bringing our niece back with us... which was huge as she is 8 but terrified to be away from her mom for even a few minutes.  She came with us and we had a great time.  Monday was an awesome day at the sprinkler park and swimming pool and Tuesday was a fun day at the park and hanging out playing at home.  Then Tuesday night hit and my niece needed to go home, so the kids and I drove 2 hours to take her home... at 9 at night!  We slept over my parents and then I took the kids to a kiddie park Wednesday before coming home, then we got root beer floats and all in all had a fun day besides the kids disappointment in leaving their cousin behind.  Thursday we went back to the pool and sprinkler park and K met us there after work.  Friday was the zoo.  Then my parents came to visit and fix some stuff around the house for us and visit on Friday evening until Saturday.  Sunday we did a local kiddie park and I must say the week was pretty great!

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